How using a Digital Kitchen Scale will change your Baking Game

A quick and comprehensive guide to using a digital kitchen scale to improve your baking.

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perfect blueberry cheesecake by using a kitchen scale for baking


If you are a beginner baker, I am very sure you have not heard about using a kitchen scale for weighing your ingredients.


Is it so important?


Let’s find out whether it is.


What is a Digital Kitchen Scale and Why do you need to use it when baking?

Over 50% of beginner bakers use a regular spoon to measure the dry ingredients.


No wonder many of you fail at your first cakes if you make this baking mistake.

Know the thumb rule of baking: Weigh your dry and wet ingredients.

A Kitchen Scale is one of the important baking tools when it comes to succeeding at baking whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced baker.

This is the one that I use.


All ingredients that go in to a cake need to be measured in grams or millilitres or ounces or whatever units of measurement you want to use. This is so because every gram of ingredient in a cake recipe is there for a reason.


Baking is a Science Experiment that can go wrong if you measure the ingredients incorrectly. Click To Tweet

Using a Kitchen Scale will let you measure ingredients smoothly and will only get you a perfect fluffy cake.


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How to use a Digital Kitchen Scale

Using this is very easy once you know how it works.

digital kitchen scale with stainless steel base for baking eggless cakes


What is Tare?

Suppose you are measuring something in a bowl, say milk. You do not want the weight of the bowl to be added to the weight of the milk. That will result in you measuring incorrectly. Tare button will help you minus the weight of the bowl from the weight of the milk.

So, what you do instead is:

  1. Place the bowl on the scale in which you are going to measure the milk.
  2. Press Tare.
  3. The counter resets to zero.
  4. Now you can measure the exact quantity of milk required for the recipe.


How to measure two ingredients in the same bowl?

Now that you have measured the milk, you need to measure the next ingredient, say yogurt. You can do that in the same bowl by following the above step again.

After measuring the milk, press the Tare button again so that the counter resets to zero. Now you can safely measure the yogurt and repeat the same process for weighing the next ingredients.

Easy-Peasy right!


Which Kitchen Scale to choose?

Always go for a digital one which has a stainless-steel base like this so that will be convenient even if you are measuring hot ingredients. Not to mention easy to clean.

I have had one with the plastic base and I would prefer the one with a stainless-steel base anytime.

There are different models which even have a heightened bowl to measure like these but I like to keep it simple and so this weighing scale suits me the best.

There are different modes to weigh your ingredient in kilograms, grams, millilitres, ounces, etc depending on the model of your kitchen scale but most of them will have these weighing options.

You can use the grams measuring option safely for weighing dry and wet ingredients for most recipes as 1 gram equals 1 millilitre. I use this for all my cakes and it has never failed.


happy girl who bakes at home with a kitchen scale

Be a happy home baker who uses a kitchen scale for her baking!

This is a tool which you need to invest in only once to improve your baking and make delicious, soft and fluffy cakes every time you bake in your kitchen that will last you almost a lifetime.