10 Must have Beginner Baker’s Tools in the Kitchen

A comprehensive list of the most essential kitchen tools you need to start baking at home now.

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must have beginner baker's tools

Baking is a trend that is catching up like fire and before you know every other person is making a cake at home! This was not the situation many years ago when the only place you used to get iced cakes was the local bakery! Times have changed and people have started baking at home. There are numerous reasons that one should actually make a cake at home, one of them is the hygienic kitchen standards we have at home as compared to a bakery!

When we start baking at home, we need few beginner baker’s tools to make the baking easier. There are so many tools, cake pans and instruments available that one could get confused about the very essential ones required just to do the job!


Here is a quick list of all the essential beginner baker’s tools you will need for baking at home. Do not skimp on any of these as they will only make your life easier.

  1. Oven

An OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) is the best investment you can make if you plan to bake frequently.

A Microwave Oven does the job well too but is not economical. Always choose a microwave oven with the convection mode.

An Oven is specially designed for baking and consumes very less power as compared to a Microwave.

A small counter-top oven is just fine for beginner bakers. That said, you can also bake on a Cook top or Stove top but you need to follow the proper rules else your cake may turn stretchy, dense or sink in the middle.

There is no stopping a determined baker!

I started my baking with this beautiful Oven and it has never failed me once.


2. Digital Kitchen Scale

This is so so important! Weighing your ingredients is so important for achieving that perfect crumb in your cake. With a digital weighing scale up in your arsenal, nothing can go wrong as long as you have the right recipe!

Always choose a kitchen scale which has a stainless steel base like this one as it lets you weigh ingredients when they are hot too.


3. Measuring Spoons

This is a must and you cannot make a cake without measuring spoons if you are a beginner! Experienced bakers know the ingredient weights in grams but still they follow this method of using spoons.

Here, I am not talking about using measuring cups. I simply despise using cups for measuring ingredients like flour or cocoa powder. Rely on a digital weighing scale for this. Few recipes on the internet also have measurements in terms of cups but I would always suggest to find a recipe that shows you all the details in grams and ml! This is because few people use a 200 ml cup and few use a 250 ml cup and that is where all the confusion starts! A few grams of difference is a huge deal in the baking business!

As they say, “Cooking is art but Baking is Science!”

Having said this, using regular spoons is a big NO! I will say it straight: If you want to bake great cakes, use the correct tools.

These measuring spoons are colorful and a good fit.


4. Cake Moulds

You have whipped up the batter. Now you need a cake mould to bake it. Invest in quality cake pans like these that will last you a lifetime.


5. Hand Mixer

You can mix the batter with the help of a whisk or spoon but this tool is required when you make a butter cake. Butter cakes require you to beat the butter and sugar until they become light and fluffy. This is a little rough to do with your whisk or spoon.

This beater is the best addition to your baking toolkit which I have been using for 5 years for my personal and professional baking. No complaints till date.


I have recently made a detailed post on how to choose a hand mixer for home baking. Please go through it to know better about which hand mixer to buy.

6. Whisk

I cannot help but reiterate the importance of this tool. A whisk is the most important tool of a baker!

Why? Because it mixes ingredients like no other tool can! So go for it!

A good Balloon Whisk is an irreplaceable baking tool for any baker.


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7. Oven Mitt

Oven Mitts are used to remove the hot cake tins from the oven. You can do this with the help of two kitchen napkins too but you may risk burns when you hold the hot oven tray or cake tin.

Always use a good quality thick Oven Mitt. The fabric of the cheaper ones will start to scorch and start getting holes (with subsequent use, defeating the purpose of using mitts!) at the places you touched the hot oven tray with.


8. Silicon Spatula

A silicon spatula is a helpful baking tool of yours when you scoop out your cake batter from the bowl into your cake tin.


9. Parchment Paper

No more broken cakes when you invert them for removing from the mould! This is like magic! The cake will never stick to the mould and you will always have gorgeous cakes on your table.

I have been extensively using this parchment paper since I have started baking. 


10. Stainless Steel Strainer

Sifting the flour is a very important step for making light and fluffy cakes and so a strainer will help you aerate the dry ingredients and make a fluffy cake.


Optionally, you can get yourself an Oven Thermometer.

11. Oven Thermometer

An Oven Thermometer is essential to track the temperature inside a working oven so burnt cakes, hard and sunken cakes, etc can be avoided.  This is not one of the most essential tools to start baking but a good one to have.

This post was all about the most essential beginner baker’s tools that a one should have in their kitchen!

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